Fire safety systems

Fire safety systems monitor, detect and supress fire hazards. Having these systems strategically placed within a building will enable occupants to evacuate quickly and safely, reducing the danger levels as they do so. Understanding risk management will enable a company to select and install the correct fire safety systems for their building.

There is a wide range of safety equipment to choose from, including:

Fire alarms: Fire alarms detect a fire the moment it breaks out. Early warning fire detection will help save lives and limit damage. Addressable fire alarm systems and wireless fire alarm systems provide a building with any flexibility and safety they might require.

Fire extinguishers: Fire extinguishers are crucial assets to have within a building in order to stop a fire spreading at an early stage. Fire Extinguishers work by either cooling the fire to remove the heat, or smothering to remove oxygen. Fires are classified into categories which help in the selection of fire extinguisher.

  • Class A Wood, Paper, Plastic, etc
  • Class B Flammable Liquids and Solids
  • Class C Gasses
  • Class D Metals
  • Class F Commercial Deep Fat/Oil Fryers

Surefire can help you to choose the correct fire extinguisher for your building, and where it will need to be positioned to prevent a fire from spreading and
saving lives.

Emergency lighting systems: When a fire breaks out, it may cause a power cut, resulting in a building being plunged into darkness. Smoke obscuration may cause occupants to become disorientated. During a loss of power, emergency lighting systems will kick in to light up escape routes and direct occupants to an escape route to evacuate the building safely.

Here at Surefire we provide a wide range of high quality fire safety systems for both the public and private sectors. Our engineers have many years’ experience and the knowledge to answer any questions you might have during the installation process.

Once installed we will not end our work there as we can carry out planned maintenance packages for your fire safety systems. Contact us now to find out more.

Surefire has been successfully operating within, and expanding their business portfolio across. a wide range of sectors nationally. Some examples of these include:

Surefire offers a wide range of products and services within the Fire Industry and can provide a total consolidated package for all your maintenance requirements.

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Surefire Services secure the fire extinguisher maintenance contract for STARK Building Distribution

Surefire Services are thrilled to announce that they have successfully secured and mobilised the fire extinguisher maintenance contract for STARK Building Materials UK Building Distribution sites throughout the UK.

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