Smoke & Fire Control

Installed to keep escape and fire brigade access routes free, smoke ventilation systems lead smoke and heat up and out of a burning building. This means that buildings retain their fire resistant properties, aid escape for occupants and limit damage to valuable assets as much as possible. Activated automatically by either a smoke detector or manual breakglass callpoint, the smoke ventilation system is operated by a multi zone control panel which can be interfaced with the fire alarm and building management systems. Our smoke ventilation systems comply with current fire and building regulations and installations are completed in accordance with Approved Document B.

Fire Dampers and Smoke Vents

Fire dampers and smoke vents are designed to stop the spread of fire through ductwork, walls and floors in ventilation systems. Once a rise in temperature is reached, the fire damper automatically closes halting the spread of fire.

Fire Curtains

New building designs often incorporate open plan environments where fire regulations can be compromised. Fire curtains help architects and consultants to replace fire walls and doors, fire rated glazing and sprinklers so that an open plan environments can be achieved.

Once installed, Surefire can provide regular maintenance visits to ensure that your systems continue to operate correctly.