Water Mist Systems

Surefire offers advanced fixed and portable water mist protection systems that provide rapid and fully effective fire suppression and control across a wide range of commercial and industrial environments. A water mist sprinkler system can minimise the risk to people, property and assets.

High Pressure and Low Pressure water mist sprinkler systems have proved their value time and again, demonstrating their flexibility and reliability:-

  • Low water consumption
  • Rapid fire suppression and control
  • Easy to retrofit
  • Low cost reinstatement after system discharge
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Corrosion resistant components
  • Environmentally sound
  • Causes minimal damage to surroundings
  • Safe for personnel in occupied areas
  • Neat, economical installation with small diameter pipes
  • Smoke damage reduced

Low pressure water mist systems offer high performance wide area protection against fire and are ideal for a wide range of applications. These water mist sprinkler systems can be carefully engineered to blend in with their locations, offering a discreet protective presence.

High pressure water mist solutions are frequently applied as a standalone systems to protect restricted spaces or single objects, such as data halls, gas turbines, generators, food factories, and machinery spaces, where high temperature fires may occur.

Call Surefire to see how our advanced fixed and portable water mist systems can offer exceptional levels of fire protection while minimising smoke and water damage

Gas Suppression Systems


Fire suppression systems are used to reduce the level of damage and down time by automatically suppressing the fire ready for the Fire Service.

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Restaurant suppression systems


Commercial kitchen fires can start within seconds, and spread within the kitchen or restaurant at an alarming speed.

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Fire Extinguishers


Your first line of defence, fire extinguishers are required to comply with the Fire Safety Order and are strategically located according to your fire risk assessment.

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Sprinkler Systems


The automatic sprinkler system is the most commonly used fire protection system today. Designed to provide immediate fire defence to protect lives and minimise material losses.

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Dry and Wet Risers


sers are installed within large scale buildings for the Fire Service to deliver vast quantities of water to fight a fire. Dry risers are kept empty of water, and wet risers are permanently charged with water either directly from a storage tank…

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Portable sprinkler mist systems


Accredited Certification to LPS1655The UK market leader, UltraGuard is the only personal protection system in the UK to hold accredited certification to LPS 1655, the LPCB third party approval standard.

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Surefire Services secure the fire extinguisher maintenance contract for STARK Building Distribution

Surefire Services are thrilled to announce that they have successfully secured and mobilised the fire extinguisher maintenance contract for STARK Building Materials UK Building Distribution sites throughout the UK.

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