Voice Alarm & Public Address

Voice alarm and public address systems are ideal for evacuating the general public in a safe and orderly manner in an emergency, including fire and bomb alerts. Clear transmission of messages can also be broadcast for live announcements, advertisements and even background music to either the whole building or pre-determined areas (zones). Proven research has shown that people remain calm when a clear and intelligible message is transmitted, resulting in a speedy and efficient evacuation.

Our team at Surefire can provide consultancy and advice for installation of new systems, alterations on existing systems and periodic maintenance. Design of systems will depend on your individual requirements and include:-

  • Basic and Networked PAVA Systems
  • Phased Evacuation
  • Multi-lingual messages
  • Public announcements
  • Background music
  • Message broadcasting

Precision Announcements

Intelligibility of a system is paramount, and every word must be clearly understood. An audio specialist would begin every project by understanding your building acoustics making sure that the final quality of sound is accurate.


A stylish range of microphones are available with fully programmable easy to use buttons, capable of automatically compensating for every type of tone or volume of voice. Training programmes can also assist to educate users in basic microphone techniques.


By working within the British Standard guidelines, we can provide measurable criteria for clarity and achieve the correct results for harmony within the building acoustic and interior design.