Fire Detection

It’s vital that you have the best fire detection system for your property and for the type of operations carried out by your business. This is why we work with the latest smoke detection technology. Surefire will help you ensure the safety of your employees, the security of your business and compliance with fire regulations.

We design, supply, install and commission all types of detection systems to provide emergency protection for your building and assets. Surefire have fully qualified design, installation and commissioning engineers who have been trained to the highest industry standards and certification.

Prevention of fire is a clear instruction from the Fire Safety Order, and for most properties automatic detection is a minimum safety requirement.  Electrical fire systems protect the occupants and provide the time for safe evacuation.

Types of electrical fire systems include;

  • Fire Alarm Systems
  • Wireless Fire Alarm Systems
  • Air Sampling Detection
  • Gaseous Suppression Systems

With our unrivalled expertise and knowledge, the Surefire team can be on hand to guide you through fire legislation and the best solution for your business and premises.  Accredited to BAFE SP203 for fire detection and gaseous extinguishing systems, Surefire executes every project to the highest fire protection standards.  By partnering major fire manufacturers, we have access to the latest smoke detection technology which means that your equipment will give maximum performance well into the future.

Routine Inspection

The regular testing and inspection of detection system installations are always necessary. Depending on the type of system you have and the environment in which it is installed, Surefire engineers will carry out all the tests and inspections required to confirm the correct operation of the system. We also check for changes in the building use, or structural changes that may affect the design or effectiveness of the system.

Call Surefire to see how our fire detection expertise and equipment can protect your premises and the people who work for your business.

Fire Alarms and Systems


Under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, the Responsible Person is to carry out a “suitable and sufficient” assessment of the risks on the premises.

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Air Sampling Systems


Air sampling systems provide the earliest possible warning of a fire hazard, providing critical time to investigate the alarm and take appropriate response.

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Gas Suppression Systems


Your gas suppression system can be integrated into your fire detection system for a seamless building fire strategy. Surefire are certificated to BAFE SP203

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Surefire Services secure the fire extinguisher maintenance contract for STARK Building Distribution

Surefire Services are thrilled to announce that they have successfully secured and mobilised the fire extinguisher maintenance contract for STARK Building Materials UK Building Distribution sites throughout the UK.

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