Safety Signs

Safety signs are an essential tool to provide people with information about safety, potential hazards and equipment. It is also a requirement of The Health and Safety (Safety Signs and Signals) Regulations 1996, which requires employers to use a safety sign where there is a risk. Importantly, safety signs provide invaluable support to procedures for fire protection in buildings.

These regulations describe the requirement for standardisation, by which safety signs are divided into categories relating to their specific type of warning message, with each category being assigned an established format and colours.

Detailed guidance on formatting, dimensions and colours are provided by British Standard BS 5499.

Styles of signs vary according to the message they represent.

 Fire Exit Safety Sign

Fire Exit and Exit signs are required to show evacuees the shortest safe escape route from a building.

Fire Door Safety Sign

Mandatory safety signs display an instruction to persons within a building. For example, self-closing fire doors that must be kept closed should be labelled with “FIRE DOOR KEEP SHUT” signs.

Hazard Safety Sign

Hazard signs inform building occupants of a hazard that is present, and is identified during a risk assessment. For example, a storage area or chemical laboratory containing dangerous flammable substances should have an appropriate warning sign near the entrance.

Fire Fighting Safety Sign

Fire Fighting Equipment Location signs are required to ensure building occupants can immediately and efficiently locate lifesaving equipment in an emergency.

No Smoking Safety Sign

Prohibition signs are required by risk assessment legislation, which makes building occupants aware of an appropriate risk control measure for fire protection in buildings that would cover a hazard that has been identified.

Signs from Surefire Services are sold in photoluminescent material and designed in conformance with British and International Standards.

Call Surefire for expert advice on your safety signage requirements.

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