Fire Alarms & Systems

Your fire alarm system will form a major part in your building fire strategy, so making sure that the system is designed, installed and your fire alarms are maintained correctly is imperative. Surefire’s fire alarm system installation services include supporting your commercial fire alarm system requirements from architectural plans through to installation and programmed planned maintenance visits from one of our expert fire alarm engineers.

Fire alarm system installation, upgrades and maintenance to existing fire alarm systems can be supported. Every fire safety project will carefully managed, and a programme agreed with you throughout.

Surefire are certificated to BAFE SP203 for both fire detection systems and gas extinguishing systems, which gives you peace of mind that you will receive the best solution for your application when it comes to fire alarm installation.

Fire alarm systems we supply include:

  • Addressable Fire Alarm Systems: Fully addressable fire alarm control panels will give you the exact location of the device which has activated which is invaluable when planning the safest escape route.  Addressable fire alarm control panels from Surefire are open protocol which means compatibility with devices and you would not be tied into a particular manufacturer or service provider.

Programmable features within the addressable fire control panel makes for an intelligent and powerful system for public buildings, offices and large buildings.  Features include sensitivity adjustment of smoke detectors, full integration with building management systems, cause and effect options, pre-alarm activations and remote diagnostics.

  • Wireless fire alarm systems: Most fire alarm systems are installed using fireproof cable, which means that smoke alarms, callpoints and sounders are all fitted on cable runs around the building.  For some customers, cabling may be too disruptive to the property or a more flexible and unobtrusive approach might be required.Wireless fire alarm systems are an excellent alternative to cabled installations.  Our expert team provide the full end-to-end service, including planning, fitting and maintenance of our wireless fire alarm systems.
    As part of our fire alarm system installation service, we work closely with both the end user customer and their architectural representatives, to ensure that a fully fitted wireless fire alarm system from Surefire is rapidly installed, has minimal disruption and maintains the visual aesthetics of the property.Ideal for retro-fitting and providing fire cover during refurbishments, wireless fire equipment is simply screwed to the walls and ceilings, which means no down time for your business.

Call Surefire to discuss which fire alarm systems would be best for protecting your workplace.

Fire Detection


Detection Systems are crucial for the safety of you and your employees, it’s vital that you have the best detection system for your property.

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Air Sampling Systems


Air sampling systems provide the earliest possible warning of a fire hazard, providing critical time to investigate the alarm and take appropriate response.

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Gas Suppression Systems


Your gas suppression system can be integrated into your fire detection system for a seamless building fire strategy. Surefire are certificated to BAFE SP203

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Surefire Services secure the fire extinguisher maintenance contract for STARK Building Distribution

Surefire Services are thrilled to announce that they have successfully secured and mobilised the fire extinguisher maintenance contract for STARK Building Materials UK Building Distribution sites throughout the UK.

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