Air Sampling Systems

Air sampling systems provide the earliest possible warning of a fire hazard, allowing for critical time to investigate the alarm and take appropriate response to prevent damage or business disruption. This essential fire protection and control system, providing early warning fire detection, has a range of warnings and levels of sensitivity that do not degrade or change. This means that even small particles of smoke can be detected before a fire has time to escalate.

A variety of models are available to accommodate most environments, and can be extended for gas detection and environmental monitoring utilising the existing pipe network.

Each model uses the latest smoke detection technology which enables them to operate at optimum levels. This enables dangers to be identified as quickly as possible so they can be dealt with. As well as this, our systems are able to offer more effective detection, 24/7 monitoring and provide automatic alerts.

This means that when there might not be anyone in the office or building, and a fire breaks out, the detector will alert the proper authorities providing extra peace of mind.

Air sampling detectors use three main components to detect fire early: the detector, which includes the fan and detection chamber, the air sampling pipe, and sampling ports, which are holes drilled in the pipe.  The fan, which is very quiet in operation, inside the detector draws air from the space being protected into the sampling ports, taking it into the detector, where the detection chamber both detects for the presence of smoke and measures the quantity of smoke in the air.

These fire protection and control devices use the latest smoke detection technology and will inform the user of early warning fire detection. This involves the detection of developing smoke conditions, often giving multiple levels of pre-warning before the room conditions get to the point where the detector sends a signal to the fire alarm control panel for extinguishing systems to be activated.

Applications include:

  • Providing early warning in spaces containing information technology or telecommunications equipment, such as data centres.
  • Protecting spaces where other fire detectors will not work, such as magnetic resonance imaging rooms in hospitals.
  • Operating in internal areas with high ceiling levels such as warehouses and industrial workplaces.

Call Surefire to see how our air sampling systems could benefit your fire safety requirements.

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