Fire Door Inspection

A fire door is a vital safety device engineered to save lives and property. A crucial part of the passive fire protection of every commercial, public and multiple occupancy building, they save lives and property.

In the UK, all fire door designs should be tested to BS 476 Part 22 or the European equivalent BS EN 1634 Part 1, to demonstrate their effectiveness in a fire and supporting evidence as to the performance of the door.

It’s often only when a fire breaks out that the consequences of actions to restrain the progress of a fire can be judged. For instance, if a fire starts in a building that is unoccupied at a given time, there can be a considerable delay before a 999 call is made, allowing the blaze to spread before fire engines arrive. However, fire doors can be highly effective at containment, but their performance will depend on whether they are correctly installed and maintained.

From gaps between doors and frames and unsuitable hinges to incorrectly fitted or missing seals, fire door issues are all too common. As part of our fire risk assessment services, our specialist consultant will conduct a survey of your building to provide you with an initial assessment of your passive fire safety status. This helps to plan and prioritise work.

Any new door assemblies will give you robust fire safety performance, long service life and incorporate the latest innovations. All assemblies will be LPS approved and supported for 12 months.

Fire Door Maintenance

BS 9999 recommends that fire doors should be inspected on a 6 monthly basis.

The UK’s Fire Door Inspection Scheme (FDIS) is designed to increase knowledge and understanding about the critical purpose and function of fire doors as well as raising awareness of defective fire doors and the potentially tragic consequences of leaving these unchecked.

A survey by the FDIS found a range of fire door issues with the buildings they inspected. For instance, 61% had faulty or missing fire seals or smoke seals and 33% didn’t have correct signage e.g. Fire Door Keep Shut’ or ‘Fire Door Keep Locked.’

Fire door inspections should also be carried out within residential buildings, to include communal fire doors and now the residents front door. The fire safety act 2021 which is now in force means that the fire doors have to be inspected by a competent person regularly.

Our care plan will include a planned maintenance schedule and emergency callouts, all designed to give you peace of mind.

For further information see our dedicated Surefire Passive website.

Call Surefire to discuss fire door inspection and installation service for your workplace, which are part of our fire risk assessment services.

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