Emergency Lighting

Emergency lighting can be required in the event of a fire or a power cut, where the impact of darkness due to loss of mains electricity could cause accidents and panic among the occupants of a building.

The design of emergency lighting is subject to British Standard 5266 guidelines, which describes minimum requirements for various types of premises. However, the needs of every business or professional establishment are different and higher levels of specification may be required for a particular building and its occupants.

The lighting systems we provide follow fire protection regulations as well as conforming to ICEL standards. This means that they are effective in a building emergency, allowing for panic-free evacuation.

This is why emergency lighting servicing and maintenance is so important. Having regular checks on your lights will enable them to come on during an evacuation.

Emergency escape lights often form part of modern lighting installations and should be placed strategically throughout a building to illuminate safe evacuation in the event of a power failure. Our design team at Surefire can advise you on the correct type and location of emergency luminaires to form part of your overall fire strategy.

  • Emergency Lighting Systems designed to BS 5266
  • All emergency light units conform to ICEL Standards
  • Fire Exit Route Lights available
  • Bespoke emergency lights to fit with your decor
  • Annual emergency lighting servicing
  • Emergency lighting maintenance

Call Surefire for further information about our emergency lighting systems

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