Fire Safety Services for Commercial Banks

Commercial banks are classified by Surefire as being critical environments, a category that also includes Ministry of Defence establishments and offshore installations. There are a number of reasons why this should be so.

In spite of the rise in online banking, there continue to be occasions where people need to visit the branch of their bank or building society. This means that, while the employees on the premises should be fully versed in fire safety procedures, visitors to the building will not be fully aware of what to do in case a fire breaks out. Unlike passengers on an aircraft, they will not have been briefed on the safety drill.

Evaluating the risks

Avoiding panic and allowing for an ordered evacuation of the building is vital, but the overriding concern is to make every effort to eliminate the risk of fire as much as possible. This emphasises the importance of a fire safety risk assessment.

Compliance with the Fire Safety Order requires the appointment of a responsible person or persons. Their job is to manage and review procedures and safety measures to protect a building’s occupiers or visitors from the potential risk of fire. The recommended process to be followed is:

Step 1 Identify the fire hazards

Step 2 Identify people at risk

Step 3 Evaluate and remove or reduce any elements contributing to fire risk

Step 4 Record and plan procedures, together with informing and training staff

Step 5 Review procedures and adapt where necessary

The Order states that: “If you are the responsible person you must carry out a fire risk assessment which must focus on the safety in case of fire of all ‘relevant persons’. It should pay particular attention to those at special risk, such as disabled people, those who you know have special needs and children, and must include consideration of any dangerous substance liable to be on the premises. Your fire risk assessment will help you identify risks that can be removed or reduced and decide the nature and extent of the general fire precautions you need to take.”

Providing guidance and resources

Surefire has been providing a range of fire safety services to the banking and financial sectors for many years and has offered advice and consultation to responsible persons and decision makers on both procedures and resources required.

We have an exceptional range of fire protection technology to safeguard people from accident or injury and assets from damage. As well as fixed and mobile equipment for fire suppression, our comprehensive resources includes technology for rapid fire and smoke detection, alarm systems and solutions for controlled evacuation.

In the critical environment of commercial banking, requiring the protection of both employees and the visiting general public, Surefire can offer the fire safety services and technology to provide the highest levels of protection.

Surefire has been successfully operating within, and expanding their business portfolio across. a wide range of sectors nationally. Some examples of these include:

Surefire offers a wide range of products and services within the Fire Industry and can provide a total consolidated package for all your maintenance requirements.

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