Offshore Fire Safety Risk and Management

Offshore installations are one of the environments that Surefire describes as critical, and are subject to a number of regulations in addition to the Health & Safety at Work legislation, including the Offshore Installations (Offshore Safety Directive) Regulations 2015 (SI 2015/398) and a number of other rulings from pipeline safety to the protection of divers.

The offshore oil and gas sector poses unique challenges to those responsible for fire safety risk and management and the safety procedures and fire protection systems required are covered by the Offshore Installations (Prevention of Fire and Explosion, and Emergency Response) Regulations 1995 (S.I. 1995/743). The regulations state the responsibilities of the duty holder required to make an assessment of the risks of fire or explosion as including:

(a) the identification of the various events which could give rise to —

(i) A major accident involving fire or explosion; or

(ii) The need (whether or not by reason of fire or explosion) for evacuation, escape or rescue to avoid or minimise a major accident;

(b) The evaluation of the likelihood and consequences of such events;

(c) The establishment of appropriate standards of performance to be attained by anything provided by measures for —

(i) Ensuring effective evacuation, escape, recovery and rescue to avoid or minimise a major accident; and

(ii) Otherwise protecting persons from a major accident involving fire or explosion; and

(d) The selection of appropriate measures.

In relation to the control of emergencies, the duty holder charged with preventing explosions and fire safety risk and management is instructed to: “Take appropriate measures with a view to limiting the extent of an emergency, including such measures to combat fire and explosion.”

Surefire has extensive experience of working with duty holders and decision makers throughout the offshore oil and gas industry and has been able to provide fire protection systems to effectively cover a range of areas with differing potential hazards to personnel and assets. As well as fixed and mobile equipment for fire suppression, our comprehensive offshore fire protection systems have included technology for rapid fire and smoke detection, alarm systems and solutions for controlled evacuation.

In this immensely challenging critical environment, Surefire can offer the expertise and equipment to safeguard the safety of the skilled and intrepid people that choose to work offshore.

Surefire has been successfully operating within, and expanding their business portfolio across. a wide range of sectors nationally. Some examples of these include:

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