Fire Safety Risk Assessment

Fire risk assessments help businesses to identify every fire risk and hazard within their building. By addressing this, companies are able to determine what steps need to be taken to eliminate and minimise the risks found. Taking sufficient steps to reduce the threat of a fire will help secure a property and improve the overall safety of the building.

It makes good business sense to do it and it is the legal duty of the business owner to ensure they reduce the risk of a fire and keep their employees safe. It is important that the fire safety risk assessment is reviewed regularly and whenever significant changes are made to a building. With such great importance placed on this procedure, it is vital it is carried out by someone with the right knowledge of fire safety.

Here at Surefire we offer professional help and have exceptional experience and qualifications for conducting fire risk assessments. We will start off by identifying who is at risk, why they are at risk and where the potential fire hazards for them might be.

Our team will then evaluate the risks and determine whether the current fire safety measures of a building are sufficient or may need upgrading or replacing. This will include checking a building’s means for detecting a fire, its fire extinguishers and escape routes.

All findings from the fire risk assessment will be uploaded to an interactive portal so that you can view any actions and record your updates. Surefire can offer advice on what steps need to be taken to reduce or control the fire risks safely. If you require assistance in carrying out a fire safety risk assessment then please get in touch.

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