wellbeing and safetyChampneys resorts were built on a vision 90 years ago as a concept of holistic wellbeing; creating a place where people could escape the world’s cares and re-emerge revitalised.

The house and grounds were once owned by the Rothschild family, Champneys – set in 170 acres of rolling parkland in Tring – blends pure luxury with leading-edge health, fitness and wellness. With a wide range of different treatments available from the traditional to the exotic, the customer experience is key for the Champneys brand.

Engineers from Surefire support Champneys Tring by maintaining fire protection systems to work quietly in the background – primed and ready for action if required. Reaching temperatures of up to 95°C, saunas can pose potential fire risks to life, property and business. Recognising the fire risks, Champneys saunas are protected by a high-pressure water mist system from Surefire which provides fast and effective control and suppression of a fire. Easily retrofitted to any sauna or steam room, high pressure water mist is safe for people and the environment.

Multi-disciplined, Surefire’s engineers also service the Ansul R102 suppression system within the kitchens during the routine maintenance visit. Installed within the kitchen canopies to cover kitchen appliances, Ansul R102 activate within seconds of detecting a fire. Each nozzle and detector are strategically located to protect the kitchen appliances and upon detecting a fire, Ansulex liquid automatically extinguishes a potential hazardous fire. Surefire are approved installers and maintainers of Ansul R102 systems, giving our customers peace of mind that their systems are being correctly maintained.