lockdown proceduresTerrorism is a major threat for businesses, so the introduction of security measures is an important aspect of safety for any business, especially when based in a UK major city like London.

Many businesses have developed procedures for dynamically locking down their sites in response to a fast-moving incident. Dynamic lockdown is the capability to restrict access to a site or building through physical measures in response to a threat, with the aim to prevent people moving into danger and prevent attackers from accessing a site.

Advanced planning includes the identification of all access and egress points, how the site can be sectored to allow specific areas to be locked down and the development of flexible processes to cope with invacuation and evacuation. Once security measures are in place, staff need to understand their roles and responsibilities and must be adequately trained to act effectively.

Surefire were asked to support a dynamic lockdown plan and training exercise for a customer by installing a compliant voice alarm public address system (VAPA), with the facility to be overridden so that specific areas could be communicated with directly. Site and the Metropolitan Police devised the security strategy to include invacuation of all personnel to an area of safety in the event that attackers enter the building. Responsible site personnel are able to speak with the secure areas only so that the broadcast is not transmitted throughout the building. With the aid of the VAPA system from Surefire, invacuated personnel will be reassured and directed to an area of safety.

The voice alarm public address system was installed to meet BS 5839 standards for A & B monitored circuits, along with tests to ensure the correct decibel levels.