customer serviceSurefire’s customer service team are an enthusiastic bunch with a passion for helping customers with their fire protection requirements.

As part of our service promise to customers, we are upgrading our customer relationship management system (CRM), to a more streamlined and efficient software package.   “As Surefire provide a more tailored service to our customers we have selected a CRM system that is capable of accommodating our varied and flexible approach”.  Explains Marcus Kemp, Service Director.

By December 2016, Surefire will have upgraded the existing system from a paperwork driven process to a paperless more sophisticated management solution.  Each engineer will use a powerful PDA unit which will communicate in real-time with our customer service department for instant access to customer history and previous service visits.

The cloud-based system will allow Surefire to become more responsive and improve accuracy which means that our engineers will do a better job, and do it quicker with information available at the touch of a button.  A real plus to ensure that Surefire meet their customer key performance indicators.