Surefire Wins Major Fire Stopping Works in Canary Wharf

Surefire Wins Major Fire Stopping Works in Canary Wharf

Surefire have commenced work within the building of a financial powerhouse set within Canary Wharf. Following a fire risk assessment, it was identified that there were breaches to the fire compartmentation on numerous floor levels where services had been fed through. The client contacted Surefire for assistance, and a site survey followed by a quotation lead to project works to the value of over £220,000.

A full project programme was submitted and agreed prior to works commencing which will take up to 5 months. The complex nature of the building and the work they are involved with means that data protection and security is paramount. Each fire stopping operative has been fully security checked and vetted with works completed during night shifts to minimise disruption to the building occupants.

Primarily, a system of passive fire batts has been used to protect multiple penetrations which are installed into place cut and notched where necessary and sealed, with intumescent mastic. Single penetrations have been sealed with fire rated intumescent mastic. Most penetrations are within electrical risers and mechanical rises.

For every penetration where fire stopping has been fitted, a unique Seal Identification Label is located which is referenced to a drawing and the location. These identification labels correspond to a weekly report which details the type of product used, exact location, size of the aperture and photographs of the fire stopping in place. All fire stopping will be fully traceable and fitted in accordance with LPS 1531.

As part of project works Surefire are also installing 6 sets of fuse link dampers within the AHU plant rooms designed to close automatically on detection of heat.

Throughout the project the customer will be kept informed as to the progress with daily communication, weekly meetings and reporting to ensure the programme of works is being maintained.