NFCCSurefire are pleased to announce that they are now included onto the NFCC Procurement Hub National Framework Agreement for the Supply and Delivery of Safe and Well Equipment to all UK Fire and Rescue Services for Personal Protection Systems. The framework was led by West Midlands Fire and Rescue to engage constructively with markets to understand capacity, capability and help to stimulate innovation of solutions.

This will mean that the Fire and Rescue Service throughout the UK can use the framework to deploy UltraGuard, the personal fire protection system from Surefire.

Jo Cherriman, Director of Surefire said “We are delighted to have been awarded this contract which allows us to work more efficiently with the Fire and Rescue Service and allow Surefire to support a wider need for fire suppression systems to protect the vulnerable within our communities. A rigorous tender process also provides assurance of a fully tested and certificated product”.

Smoke inhalation is the biggest killer in a fire. Our UltraGuard personal protection system is like having your own fire fighter 24/7. Combining smoke detectors for early detection and water mist technology, UltraGuard has the power to save lives.