Water Mist Fire Suppression Upgrade To Data Centre

Water Mist Fire Suppression Upgrade To Data CentreFinancial services organisations rely on data centres to process critical information, so it is important that these data centres are protected from fire.

Surefire were selected to complete an upgrade for a water mist system at a data centre for a major financial services organisation. The project involved the design, supply, installation and commissioning of a new water mist system to protect a backup power generator enclosure at the large data centre near Croydon.

Water mist systems offer innovative and tested fire suppression solutions which hold comprehensive industry approvals.  Water mist is designed to extinguish fires, or limit fire growth at an early stage.  Providing effective cooling and fire control on solid, deep-seated fires such as furniture, paper and cables (Class A) water mist extinguishing systems include a reductio of up to five times the water requirements when compared to standard sprinkler systems.

Surefire offered a water mist solution that was not only about extinguishing the fire, but also to protect the contents of the building and minimise water damage whilst optimising the client’s budget.

The cylinder-based water mist system selected for this application, operates at a working pressure of 70 – 200 bar to produce droplets of water with small diameters, which discharge at high speeds.  Specialist water mist nozzles have been designed to discharge water in the form of water mist, with tiny droplets creating a large effective cooling surface area of the fire and surrounding volume  The high speed of the droplets allows the mist to penetrate hot fumes and reach the combustion area quickly.  This versatile system is the ideal option for data centres where fragile structures require

The project was delivered on time and in accordance with the planned schedule from the client through effective planning and communication with the client and third-party suppliers throughout.

Surefire are now working with the client to plan the upgrade of all existing water mist systems across property to bring into compliance to the BS 8489 design standards.