Collaborative Working for Contract Mobilisation

Collaborative Working for Contract Mobilisation After experiencing issues and concerns with their existing fire maintenance incumbent, a leading well- known facilities and property service provider approach Surefire to take on their client portfolio.

Once the property listing and asset information had been submitted, Surefire reacted quickly to submit a maintenance proposal for over 140 retail sites throughout the United Kingdom. Correct implementation and an understanding of the client’s requirements are paramount when mobilising a major account. This can make the difference between operational success and a long-term positive relationship.

Bringing the contract to life, a mobilisation meeting was completed with the client very much in the driving seat with their requirements in terms of engineering and administration processes. Surefire’s Sales Director explains “When the contract was awarded, key members of the Surefire team were involved in the mobilisation meeting via Microsoft Teams so that the client’s requirements could be the rolled out to the customer service and engineering departments. Site instructions and essential information were passed to the field engineering teams so that the account could go live within 2 weeks from order. A first fix solution during PPM visits was agreed, so that it maximised the efficiencies for both businesses and an immediate compliance solution for this particular client”.

By working collaboratively with the client, Surefire have ensured a smooth transition for their client. Regular reviews and communication by the Key Account Manager will continue to ensure that compliance to fire safety legislation for their clients are kept up-to-date.