oxfordshire fire serviceOxfordshire Fire and Rescue Service has installed its first Ultraguard portable misting system to a home in Oxford, with more units due to be installed in other Oxfordshire homes, as a way of protecting vulnerable people from fires.

The system is activated by two linked “intelligent” detectors that monitor the air and deploy a fine mist for ten minutes to suppress the fire, while automatically alerting the Fire Service. It prevents the fire spreading and smoke-related fire deaths.

Watch Manager Paul Riley said “The misting system is used as a last resort, as Oxfordshire Fire & Rescue Service is committed to protecting those most vulnerable to fire in the home. Many of those are smokers and may have other risk factors. We work closely with partners in local authorities, social care and social landlords to identify and assess situations where misting systems can really help save lives”.

Because the system is portable, it can then be taken away, once the person stops smoking or changes address.

Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue Service carries out Safe and Well visits in homes across the County to protect members of the community. These visits include the fitting of smoke alarms and providing advice to occupiers on fire, health and wellbeing to support the resilience of residents in the home.