We are excited to present a ground-breaking addition to our training portfolio, our Personal Protection Systems CPD by EA-RS Group. This dynamic CPD seminar shines a light on a critical aspect of fire safety: the often-underestimated threat of smoke inhalation.

Unveiling the Silent Menace
In the event of a fire, while flames and heat are visible dangers, it is the unseen hazard of smoke inhalation that poses the greatest peril. At Surefire Services, part of EA-RS Group, we recognise the importance of addressing this hidden danger, and that’s why we are proud to offer the CPD – Personal Protection Systems.

Empowering Fire Safety Professionals
Delivered by our experts, this presentation offers an in-depth exploration of Personal Protection Systems and sheds light on the significance of LPS1655 Third Party Certification, developed in partnership with the British Research Establishment. Our CPD aims to equip professionals with the knowledge and insights needed to make a real difference in fire safety.

What to Expect:
By the end of this engaging seminar, participants will develop a profound understanding of the driving factors behind the introduction of LPS1655 certification and its far-reaching implications for fire safety practices. They will also gain a comprehensive perspective on how personal protection systems can play a pivotal role in safeguarding high-risk residents through early fire detection, while simultaneously acquiring insights into the potential of water mist fire suppression as a flexible solution tailored to entities like UK Fire and Rescue Services, Housing Associations, and Councils.

Key Details:
This engaging session will be provided for an hour and encompasses an interactive Q&A session, which can be conveniently delivered either on-site at your offices or virtually through Microsoft platforms. It has been structured to effectively address a variety of learning objectives.

This CPD is tailored for professionals involved in:
UK Fire and Rescue Services
Social Housing Associations
Care Property Management

Igniting a Safer Future
At Surefire Services, we believe in arming professionals with the latest insights to elevate safety standards. The CPD – Personal Protection Systems is a significant leap in our commitment to enhancing fire safety awareness and expertise. Join us in discovering the vital role of LPS1655 Certification and its impact on safeguarding high-risk residents.

For more information, please visit our flyer here: CDP Flyer (ea-rsgroup.com)

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