Fire Protection for Global Connectivity

Fire Protection for Global Connectivity

Housing critical applications and data for the public sector and many blue chip organisations, data centre facilities provide computing and storage to enable the delivery of shared applications and data.

Fire protection within data centres are critical to protecting the systems and equipment used to support many organisations around the world.  As the fire system provider to a large data centre in North West London, Surefire were asked to complete the overhaul of the existing fire detection and alarm system.

A desire to replace the system due to age and move away from closed protocol technology meant that Surefire were asked to provide a design and installation programme to upgrade the existing fire system technology.

The existing fire alarm system consisted of an eight panel closed protocol network covering 5 data centre units supporting critical blue chip assets.   By working with the client and through partnership collaboration right from the start, an agreed technology and design was developed which met the client’s requirements fire protection well into the future.

Surefire’s Project Manager explains “As Surefire are a key installation partner for Kentec, the new Taktis Analogue Addressable system was selected as most appropriate for the client – the very latest in fire detection and alarm technology”.  Taktis offers flexibility for large sites with the capacity to network up to 127 panels.  Supporting multiple protocols, Taktis provides scalability and future networking possibilities”.

After an initial instruction in the Spring of 2020, an installation programme was created to deliver the project over the course of a 12-week period.

Over the course of the installation programme, the installation team faced many challenges.  Minimising any disruption to the client on site was imperative, as well as the challenges posed by health and safety of all personnel during the COVID-19 pandemic lock-down. Weekly meetings and project updates ensured that the project remained on time.

On completion of the project, all systems were successfully migrated onto the Taktis network, and handed over during commission to the team on site.