Game On!

Game On!The UK's video games industry contributes £1.5bn to GDP annually, and Surefire are excited to partner with a well-known gaming and leisure organisation to support their growth.

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Surefire support Partnerships Matter Initiative

Surefire support Partnerships Matter InitiativeSurefire had a great night supporting one of their long-term clients of life safety services with their Partnerships Matter event in central London last night. Partnerships Matter is a collaborative approach using funds amalgamated through a range of initiatives and innovative opportunities to benefit charitable partners through an ongoing CSR commitment.

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Surefire Hit the Waves

Surefire Hit the WavesThroughout history, communities have harnessed the power of wind. Driven by the need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and secure home-grown energy supplies, wind energy is the world’s fastest growing renewable energy. Being one of the windiest country in Europe, Britain could power itself several times over using wind. Britain accounted for more than half of the new offshore wind power capacity built in Europe last year, as the sector broke installation records across the continent.

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A new Wave in Fire Extinguisher Stands

A new Wave in Fire Extinguisher StandsA sleek design, the Wave Extinguisher Stand boasts a truly exclusive design aiming to reduce the visual impact of the fire extinguisher in any location. Whether in a hotel lobby, public retail or even a leisure environment, the Wave stand offers the perfect subtle fire safety solution without sacrificing ease of extinguisher handling.

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NEW! Elegance Range of Fire Extinguishers

NEW!  Elegance Range of Fire Extinguishers Elegant and luxurious are not words you would normally associate with fire extinguishers, but now you can with the new ELEGANCE range from Surefire.

Synonymous with the ultimate in luxury, polished gold, stainless steel and brushed antique copper extinguishers don’t just blend into their surroundings but they are the height of contemporary interior design.

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UltraGuard Prevents Fire in Cambridgeshire Home

An UltraGuard personal protection system installed by Cambridgeshire Fire and Rescue Service in partnership with mental health charity Suffolk Mind prevented a significant fire in a South Cambridgeshire home.

The UltraGuard was fitted for a vulnerable resident in Sawston and activated when a fire started in a bin from a discarded cigarette.

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Fire safety innovation: New misting system will save lives

Portable misting systemOxfordshire Fire and Rescue Service has installed its first Ultraguard portable misting system to a home in Oxford, with more units due to be installed in other Oxfordshire homes, as a way of protecting vulnerable people from fires.

The system is activated by two linked “intelligent” detectors that monitor the air and deploy a fine mist for ten minutes to suppress the fire, while automatically alerting the Fire Service. It prevents the fire spreading and smoke-related fire deaths.

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Cheshire Fire and Rescue urge carers and landlords to consider the provision of portable water misting units

Firefighters are urging carers and landlords to consider the provision of portable water misting units, particularly for their most vulnerable people, following a recent incident in Chester.

Earlier this month crews were called to reports of a fire at a tower block in Chester. On arrival at the scene crews discovered that the property had been fitted with an UltraGuard portable water misting unit which had operated due to a fire in a waste bin within a flat on the 10th floor.

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Fire Door Safety Week - 25th of September to the 1st of October

Fire Door Safety Week - 25th of September to the 1st of OctoberSurefire fully support Fire Door Safety Week from the 25th of September to the 1st of October, as fire doors save life and property. Fire Door Safety Week aims to:-

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Why UltraGuard is becoming a necessity for some UK communities

Why UltraGuard is becoming a necessity for some UK communitiesFire crews taking longer to arrive at house fires, according to BBC research

New research carried out by the BBC has shown that fire crews around the country are taking longer to arrive at house fires due to government cuts to fire and rescue services....

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