Passive Fire Protection


Imagine if a fire took hold in your building, would it spread quickly and consume everything in its path?

Statistically 40% of business will be out of business within 12 – 18 months following a major fire

You may have taken the necessary precautions to prevent a fire happening in the first place, but does your building have adequate passive fire protection to minimise the spread of a fire?  Essential for the life safety of the occupants and to maintain the building structure, passive fire protection plays an important role.  Invisible and often forgotten, passive fire protection includes fire resistant walls, floors and doors, which build compartments for containment.

Over the lifespan of any building, changes are likely to be made to the existing fabric of the building but also to potential changes of use, updating and expansion.  Regular assessments are essential of the fire safety measures to the Regulatory Reform Fire Safety Order need to take place to ensure that fire safety provision is maintained.

Often hidden above suspended ceilings or within cavities, it is not always obvious what passive fire protection is installed.   Particular attention should be made to works completed by contractors where containment could be compromised, such as cabling, pipework and changes to the internal layout of the building.  Breaches in fire resisting construction could have taken place in your building, make sure your fire risk assessor checks your passive fire protection.

Surefire are able to assist with detailed surveys to ensure that your passive fire protection is not compromised.  Surveys will cover; checking penetration seals for mechanical and electrical services, structural steelwork, fire curtains, acoustic barriers, cable, kitchen extract and H&V enclosures and industrial floor and wall coatings.

After the survey a full report will be issued detailing any short comings in relation to your passive fire requirements.

A fire door is a vital safety device engineered to save lives and property.  A crucial part of the passive fire protection of every commercial, public and multiple occupancy building, they save lives and property. 

Learn about Passive Fire Protection

Find out about passive fire protection requirements with an informative video:-

How healthy are you fire doors?

Fire doors are a vital safety device engineered to save lives and property. 

From gaps between doors and frames to incorrectly fitted or missing seals, fire door issues are all too common. See how Surefire can help you to comply.


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