Gas fire suppression systems

Gas Suppression Systems

Gas fire suppression systems are ideal for protecting assets where water may pose a risk. IT, Data and Communication areas are the most common risk applications.

Surefire design proprietary gaseous systems in accordance with BSEN 15004-1, using LPCB approved manufacturers equipment.  During the design process, our team will go through the options available, and select the most appropriate for you and your budget.    

Your gas suppression system can be integrated into your fire detection system for a seamless building fire strategy.   Surefire are certificated to BAFE SP203 for both extinguishing systems and fire detection systems, which gives you peace of mind that you will receive the best solution for your application.

Inert Gas

Inert Gases

Safe for the occupants and a natural way to extinguish a fire. Inert gases work by removing the oxygen levels from a fire. Gases available: Inergen, Proinert and Argonite.

Understanding your Room Integrity Testing Requirements

Once a gas suppression has been installed, a room integrity test needs to be completed to ensure that the calculated amount of gas does not escape from the protected area and cause the fire to re-ignite.

Gas Suppression Systems

Clean Chemical Gases

Clean Chemical Gases

Clean chemical gases remove the heat element from the fire. An alternative to inert systems, gases include FM200 and Novec 1230.

10 Year Hydrostatic Test

All compressed gas cylinders must be hydrostatically tested every 10 years in accordance with BS EN 1968: 2002.

10 Year Hydrostatic Test

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Surefire is safe contractor approved and BAFE SP203 accredited. As well as being a member of the Fire Industry Association and holding ISO 9001 Product Quality Approval.