Fire alarm system installation

Fire is one of the most damaging dangers a business a face. There are many different types of equipment which can be used to stop a fire. However it is crucial to detect it right away before the danger becomes too severe. Fire alarms are integral to a successful fire safety plan and must be installed correctly.

Fire alarm installation needs to be carried out by professionals who are certified to BAFE SP203. This way a business can ensure they are meeting the requirements of the regulatory reform order and making their building as safe as possible from the threat of a fire.

The order stipulates that if business has five or more full-time employees, then there must be a responsible person within the company for reducing the risk of smoke and fire. This will include the need for fire alarm system installation once a fire risk assessment has been carried out.

Here at Surefire we will work with the responsible person to ensure that the safe and effective installation of fire alarms is carried out. We are certificated to BAFE SP203 for fire and gas detection devices, providing a business with a secure fire alarm system installation.

The need for a fire to be detected as soon as it starts is crucial to reducing the damage which it can cause. Please contact our experts now to start your fire alarm system installation process.

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