Fire Door Services

Fire Door Services

A fire door is a vital safety device engineered to save lives and property. A crucial part of the passive fire protection of every commercial, public and multiple occupancy building, they save lives and property.

Passive Fire Protection products are built into the fabric of a building and often go unnoticed. The aim of these products is to restrict the spread of fire and smoke by containing it to one area. In the UK, all fire door designs should be tested to BS 476 Part 22 or the European equivalent BS EN 1634 Part 1, to demonstrate their effectiveness in a fire and supporting evidence as to the performance of the door.

It's only when a fire breaks out that the consequences of your actions are known. This was the case when a fire started on the roof of a school near Poole. Because it happened during school holidays it had been burning for more than hour before the 999 call was made. By the time fire engines arrived it was impossible for the fire officers to get near to it so that it continued to blaze unsuppressed for hours. Andy Fox, Head of Fire Safety at Dorset Fire & Rescue Service said of the fire door image above: “We took photos in the aftermath of this school fire, which clearly show the value of fire doors. It’s usually difficult to describe just how important they are but these pictures need no description and show exactly how effective correctly installed and maintained fire doors can be.”

From gaps between doors and frames and unsuitable hinges to incorrectly fitted or missing seals, fire door issues are all too common. Our specialist consultant will conduct a survey of your building to provide you with an initial assessment of your passive fire safety status. This helps to plan and prioritise work.

Any new door assemblies will give you robust fire safety performance, long service life and incorporate the latest innovations. All assemblies will be LPS approved and supported for 12 months.

Fire Door Maintenance

BS 9999 recommends that fire doors should be inspected on a 6 monthly basis, our care plan will include a planned maintenance schedule and emergency callouts, all designed to give you peace of mind.

How healthy are your fire doors?

Read through the British Woodworking Federation Fact Card for advice on fire door performance.

5 Step Fire Door Check

Follow this simple 5 Step Fire Door Check if you are responsible for fire safety in your building, it could save a life.

5 Step Fire Door Check

Image copyright: Andrew Fox,
Head of Fire Safety,
Dorset Fire and Rescue service

A Fire Door Is For Life, Look After Yours

Find out why it is important to get your fire doors maintained with this useful British Woodworking Federation Fact Card.

See What Happens In A Real Fire Door Test

This video from the BWF Certifire Scheme shows the importance of good fire door specification and installation, featuring a real test that shows what happens when we get it wrong.

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