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2015 saw continued success for Surefire’s partnership with Derbyshire Fire & Rescue Service (DFRS), helping to protect vulnerable residents from fire.

DFRS have worked with Surefire to install UltraGuard personal protection systems, since the first installation in 2012 there have been 18 activations and in all cases fire damage has been minimal and lives have been saved.

“At present we have 42 units installed in domestic properties across Derbyshire to protect identified vulnerable people. Utilising the monitoring facility we can ensure a rapid response to these properties within minutes.” Explains Russell Lowe, Crew Manager, Pevention and Inclusion DFRS.

DFRS work with a number of housing associations to reduce the risk of fire related incidents and impact of fires within identified properties as an immediate or temporary measure.


2015 successful activations include:-


15/03/15 - Activation

Occupier burning vinyl records on a log burner along with aerosols. Contents of burner fell into lounge. UltraGuard system extinguished fire.

19/04/15 - Activation

Serious back up of heat and smoke from a carelessly used open fire. UltraGuard system activation created breathable atmosphere for occupier and dog to escape property.

08/05/15 - Activation

Careless smoker, poor mobility. Dropped lit cigarette on bed. UltraGuard system extinguished fire.

19/05/15 - Activation

Careless smoker and drinker, poor mobility. Carelessly discarded lit cigarette. UltraGuard system extinguished fire.

13/10/15 - Activation

Careless use of open fire. Poor mobility. Log fell into lounge. Personal protection system activation created a breathable atmosphere for the occupier to make way to front door. UltraGuard system extinguished fire.


Saving Lives in Derbyshire

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