On the evening of Friday 26th October 2012 Northamptonshire Fire and Rescue Service (NFRS) were called to a house fire in Wellingborough. The house was occupied by an 86 year old known to be immobile and a heavy smoker. After investigation, the supposed cause of the fire was accidental by discarded smoking materials which ignited newspaper adjacent to the resident’s chair in the living/sleeping accommodation.

In April 2012 NFRS in partnership with the Dementia care team of Northamptonshire County Council (NCC) identified this individual to be extremely high risk due to his lack of mobility, living on his own and heavy smoking. In May 2012 NFRS purchased and installed an UltraGuard water mist system into the premises.

The UltraGuard water mist system provided a rapid knock down of the fire and had fully extinguished it before the Fire Service arrived. The water mist system prevented the occupant from receiving any burns from the fire at all; they were treated at the scene by paramedics for very minor smoke inhalation.

Undoubtedly the UltraGuard water mist system installed in this premises saved a life when a smoke alarm alone would not have done. Within a few hours the room was dried out, the water mist unit re charged and the resident was able to move back into his home fully protected again.

Chief Fire Officer Martyn Emberson of Northamptonshire Fire and Rescue Service in partnership with Surefire wish to fully endorse the provision and installation of the Ultra Guard water mist system to help protect the most vulnerable in our society. “It really is like having your own fire fighter on hand 24/7 to put out a fire.” For those people who can’t help themselves when a fire occurs, this system is a proven life saver! Technical information for editors.

The water mist system operates on the activation of an interlinked smoke detector, this detects the fire within 30-45 seconds of the fire occurring. The early activation of the Ultra Guard system at the onset of a fire delays its growth, dramatically increasing the chances of survival for anyone caught in the fire.

  • UltraGuard is a new concept in fire protection – developed for environments such as care homes and temporary accommodation requiring adaptable, individual (but not necessarily permanent) fire solutions.
  • The ease with which UltraGuard can be moved from location to location and installed, usually about an hour – is of particular relevance in such situations. Minimal maintenance, no permanent fittings (such as water pipes) and ease of portability equate to low install and running costs
  • The UltraGuard fire suppression technology offers highly effective suppression and helps minimise water damage to buildings and possessions
  • Power supply: 230v – 50hz AC Supply
  • Battery back- up: 7 days standby, after which still providing 10 minutes activation detection
  • Active time: 10 Minutes Protected area: 20m²
  • Extinguishing agent: 110 Litres of water
  • Installation time: Less than 1 hour