Surefire technology Seminar“An excellent seminar, well presented and very informative”

The latest in fire technology was unveiled at Surefire’s seminar held in London on the 21st of March, in central London at etc venues where clients gained a deeper insight into the latest capabilities of fire protection for the future.

Fully intelligent, FIREscape is a unique, highly cost effective addressable emergency lighting system based on LED technology.  Extra low voltage, with minimal on-going maintenance costs, this technology allows control and testing of individual luminaries.

The current Gas Suppression options were explained in detail, looking at the alternative gases available on the market with tips and hints on keeping systems in optimum condition. 

Water mist continues to gain momentum, and our Managing Director Peter Kemp talked passionately about both high and low pressure water mist systems, and how the draft British Standards for residential and domestic will soon be ratified. 

Closing the seminar, brand new VESDA technology was shared with the audience, introducing new generation very early smoke detection, with improved sensitivity, longevity and coverage in high airflow.

A great audience with many questions throughout made this an enjoyable event.