Wissington Spicy Tomato and Kirkby Malham Chorizo are just a few of the exciting flavours that Pipers Crisps produce for the leisure market.  Passionate about taste, quality is also an important part of the Pipers manufacturing process, especially as Pipers Crisps now produce over three millions bags every month, using a fully automated process.

Part of the manufacturing process, industrial fryers are used as drying systems to reduce the moisture in the potato slice, to give a crisp with good flavour and a golden colour.  These fryers use hot vegetable oil to fry the potato slices, and heated to around l82°C can pose a serious fire risk.

Pipers Crisp CoFood manufacturing premises are seen as high risk by insurers due to the construction materials, hazardous processes and business interruption cost potential.  Approved and now the industry standard with insurers, water mist is seen as the ideal system to provide protection due to the cooling effect and reduction risk in re-ignition within these critical applications.  A further effect of the system is smoke washing which removes smoke particles from the atmosphere to prevent smoke spread to other areas.

“Pipers Crisps take their health and safety responsibilities very seriously, and we asked Surefire for their advice on how to protect our crisp fryer” explains Jason Aherne at Pipers Crisps.  Perfect for their risk, a high pressure water mist system was installed to protect the industrial fryer and give periphery protection to segregate the risk from the main factory in the event of a fire.  Heat detection was strategically within the fryer space, within each exhaust duct and to cover the in and out feeds.  On detection activation, a signal would be received at the fire suppression control panel, which in turn would discharge the nitrogen cylinders forcing water from the water cylinders through into the distribution pipework and out of the nozzles into the fire zone.  An audible alarm was also fitted to alert personnel of an imminent fire situation, with manual release points located outside each enclosure to immediately cause the fire suppression control panel to go into fire mode.  

“The small amounts of water used within a high pressure water mist system means less production time being lost, minimal water damage and is harmless to people and the  environment.  Also, as Pipers Crisps have expanded their processing operation, the high pressure water mist system has been extended to provide further coverage.”  Commented, Nick Trantom at Surefire.