Portable Sprinkler Mist System

Portable Sprinkler Mist System


Designed to protect the vulnerable in our communities, the UltraGuard personal protection system (PPS) detects and suppresses fire at an early stage which prevents the spread of fire and smoke related fire deaths. A powerful fire protection system now being used as effective assisted living technology, UltraGuard is saving around 10 lives every year since its development

Fast, efficient and portable UltraGuard is totally self-contained and simply plugged into the nearest socket or fused spur, making it ideal for flexible fire protection to enhance risk management on a temporary or more permanent basis.

UltraGuard can also facilitate where means of escape is compromised by creating a corridor of mist to allow safe evacuation where a fixed system is not feasible perhaps due to budgetary or architectural limitations.



Accredited Certification to LPS1655

Accredited Certification to LPS1655The UK market leader, UltraGuard is the first personal protection system in the UK to hold accredited certification to LPS 1655, the LPCB third party approval standard.

LPS 1655 defines rigorous test protocols and performance criteria for personal protection systems, so you can feel confident that your residents are being protected from fire by a robust and tested system.


Intelligent Design

An intelligent fire control panel with simply to use keypad monitors the environment and is linked to double knock multi sensor alarms with built in reduced false alarm technology. Ideal for detecting fast-burning and slow smouldering fires, the smoke detectors enable fast and effective fire protection. For onward alert, UltraGuard is fitted with a wireless auto dialler, or alternatively our qualified engineering team can connect to an existing auto dialler.

Delivering 10 minutes of water mist, the nozzle has been developed to discharge a spray pattern and water droplet size capable of suppressing an area of 16m², and controlling an area of 32m².


Lease Your UltraGuard™ To Release Your Finance

Lease Your UltraGuard™ To Release Your Finance

Through our finance partner, Surefire can provide you with the option to lease an UltraGuard™ Unit, structuring your lease payments to suit your budgetary needs.

By choosing to lease you will enjoy some fantastic benefits:-

  • Keep cash flow within your organisation
  • Get fire protection when and where you need it
  • Tax relief benefits
  • Pay monthly or quarterly over a chosen period

UltraGuard™ Datasheet

Technical Data

Power Supply

230v – 50hz AC Supply

The UltraGuard™ Portable Sprinkler Mist fire protection system.

Battery back-up

3 days standby, after which still providing 10 minutes activation


2 Multi Sensor Alarms

Active time

10 Minutes

Fire Suppression area


Fire Control area


Extinguishing agent:

110  Litres of water


Features include:

  • Fully portable
  • Intelligent control panel
  • Early detection of fire
  • 3 day battery back up
  • Creates survivable atmosphere
  • Low cost solution
  • Tested successfully at BRE

Benefits of water mist:

  • Safe for occupants
  • Minimal damage to surroundings
  • Environmentally sound
  • Minimal whole-life costs
  • Rapid fire suppression and control


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