Fire suppression


Automatically suppressing or extinguishing a fire, mechanical fire systems pipe liquid or gas to nozzles strategically located for discharge in the event of a fire.

Mechanical systems cover a broad range of suppression fire control necessary to protect domestic, commercial and industrial applications, and contain a combination of tanks or cylinders, pipe work and the use of liquid or gas which is discharged in the event of a fire. Types of mechanical systems include;

Depending on the mechanical system installed, fire is detected through nozzles, heat probes or smoke detectors.   Often integrated with building protection systems, fire is detected through either nozzles, heat probes or smoke detectors.




The automatic sprinkler system is the most commonly used fire protection system today. Surefire can provide LPS 1048 certified design, installation and servicing across all system types in accordance with BSEN 12845 Incorporating LPCB Technical Bulletins for commercial properties and BS 9251 standards for domestic and residential systems certified under the FIRAS scheme. Read more >>

Dry Risers

Dry Risers

Risers are installed within large scale buildings for the Fire Service to deliver vast quantities of water to fight a fire.  Dry risers are kept empty of water, and wet risers are permanently charged with water either directly from a storage tank, booster pumps or fed directly from the town’s main water supply. Read more >>

Water Mist Systems

Water Mist System

Surefire’s advanced water mist protection systems provide rapid and fully effective fire suppression and control across a wide range of environments, minimising the risk to people, property and assets.

Our High Pressure and Low Pressure systems have proved their value time and again, demonstrating their flexibility and reliability. Read more >>

Gas Suppression Systems

Gas suppression systemss

Gas suppression systems are ideal for protecting assets where water may pose a risk. IT, Data and Communication areas are the most common risk applications.

Protecting your Data Centre or Comms Room with the latest in gas suppression systems from Surefire couldn't be easier. Read more >>

Ansul R102 Kitchen Systems

Ansul R102 Kitchen Systems

If you have a commercial kitchen, then your insurers may ask you to install a fire suppression system. Simple to fit, an Ansul system will extinguish a hot fire within seconds. Read more >>

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